Through our multi-stage miunske quality assurance before, during and after production we guarantee our customers the highest product quality.
Incoming goods inspection with digital measuring microscope

Before a component enters our production process, it is first subjected to an extensive quality check in our incoming goods department. Are the dimensions of the supplied component within the specifications? Do the copper layers of the PCB comply with the specified IPC-A-600 standard? Is any delamination still within the IPC limits? Many of these defects are often not visible to the naked eye. That’s why we use a digital measuring microscope with a magnification of 200 times. Defective components are sorted out immediately – and do not enter production.

The measuring microscope is used for incoming goods inspection, for creating initial sample inspection reports, for documenting complaints and for quality tests in our production – and delivers exact measured values down to the micrometer.

AOI system (automatic optical inspection)

With automatic optical inspection, the PCBs are checked fully automatically for weak points and defects after each production step. By merging 2D data with different illumination options, it is possible to optically detect irregularities. Defective products can thus be easily identified and are automatically removed from the production process. The inspection results are likewise documented automatically.

Technical equipment:

Göpel AOI Advanced Line X30
  • Inspection speed up to 60 cm²/s
  • Smallest component size: 01005, pitch 0.3

Maximum size of the assembly: 800 mm x 450 mm

Flying Probe: In-circuit and multifunction tests

Before delivery to our customers, all PCBs are tested again. We use a Flying Probe SPEA 4060 S2 system – one of the best test systems currently available on the market – to carry out in-circuit and multifunction tests.

The system offers the appropriate modules for all test requirements and also enables tests under operating voltage. Further test options are: On-board programming, optical tests (LED and display function), boundary scan. This reduces complexity and thus sources of error, simplifies documentation and increases ease of use when carrying out product tests.

Technical equipment:

  • Flying Probe SPEA – 4060S2
  • Incircuit and multifunction testers

Maximum size of the assemly: 1000 mm x 610 mm

„Through this multi-stage inspection of product quality, we ensure that only flawless components, in the usual high miunske quality, leave the factory.“

High- current laboratory-load tests under extreme conditions

Since July 2020, miunske has had its own high-current laboratory. Here, developers can simulate very specific disturbance events in low-voltage networks in order to test electronic components for their safety and limit loads.

The DUTs are tested here under thermal load and stressed in terms of load-bearing capacity with regard to the rated current and the short-circuit current. With the available equipment, tests with direct current are possible. Electrical loads of up to 20 kW can be simulated.

The equipment of the high-current laboratory enables the performance of:
  • Heating and cold tests according to various standards (heat 80 - 100 °C, cold down to -40 °C)
  • Investigations with direct current up to 1000 A
  • Service life tests and continuous switching tests
  • Determination of thermal conductivity
  • Functional reliability test with conducted interference pulses

Maximum safety through state-of-the-art testing technology With the help of our in-house high-current laboratory, we can implement new products safely and in accordance with standards, from the initial idea to series production. Product tests can be carried out with less effort than before – and thus much faster and more flexibly.

This manifests miunske’s already high quality standards, to which every product is tested before it goes into series production.

A look into the future: In the future, the high-current laboratory will also be opened to those outside of our company. Customers will then be able to have laboratory certificates prepared as a service at miunske®.

customer: OEM
Project: mixed assembly (SMT + THT) of a complex circuit board for a crawler crane