Printed circuit board routing and PCB design with the "Altium Designer" software

Electronics development is usually time-critical. But with sufficient experience, many things are not only easier, but also faster. Our development engineers and PCB specialists plan and develop PCB designs - precisely tailored to your needs. And not only in the shortest possible time, but also at fair prices. Our PCB designs comply with the specifications of the IPC directive.

Designing individual user interfaces with FlexGui

With the completion of the developed electronic component, you receive the customized parameterization interface FlexGui from miunske - free of charge. This allows you to adapt the user interface yourself at any time according to your wishes.

Foil design, e.g. for operating units and keyboards

Foil design, e.g. for operating units and keyboards

Laser inscriptions

  • Laser inscriptions

    - even on curved surfaces: We mark your electronic components and PCBs with permanent, solder-resistant and easily legible laser markings. These markings serve as identification for traceability, internal quality assurance or brand protection.

  • Laser cutting

    e.g. of keyboard foils, but also for fixture construction.
    The CO₂ laser engraving machine offers advantages over conventional methods such as punching, especially in prototype construction, but also in series production.

  • Applications for component marking with the marking laser:

    • Printed circuit boards
    • Electronic components
    • Housing
    • Plastic parts (Carling switch)
    • Keyboard foils and operating symbols