No matter whether YOU favor the production of your electronics solution in one assembly technology or using several technologies (mixed assembly) – we offer you the solution that suits you perfectly.

As an optimal complement to fully automatic PCB assembly, we offer conventional Through Hole Technology (THT). This means we are ideally positioned for the often desired mixed assembly of PCBs- with a combination of SMD and THT components.

In THT production, the printed circuit board is assembled manually with great sensitivity. Our experienced employees insert wired components through the contact holes and solder them. In this process, the entire assembly is passed over a hot stream of liquid solder in a wave soldering machine. The solder wave wets the inserted pins with solder ¬– and thus establishes the electrical contact with the conductor paths. We can cover a soldering area of 400 x 400 mm.

Our automatic selective soldering system SPA 440 EVO and manual soldering are used for THT soldering points that are difficult to access, for example with double-sided assembly.

Advantages of selective soldering:

With selective soldering, THT components can be subsequently soldered onto already
assembled PCBs. The soldering parameters for each solder joint can be set individually.
This means that selective soldering is mainly used when full-surface soldering methods
such as wave soldering are not possible due to the process or when high precision and quality
are required.

Other advantages of selective soldering are:

Compared to the SMT process, the manual THT process is much more time-consuming. Nevertheless, it is still indispensable for certain components, such as plugs and switches.


  • Automatic selective soldering system SPA 440 EVO
  • Hand soldering is also possible
Fully automatic circuit board assembly

With the SMT production line, we can manufacture compact and highly individual PCBs for you in the shortest possible time – and at an excellent price-performance ratio.

We are able to produce PCBs up to a size of 300 x 400 x 4 mm as standard. However, larger assemblies are also possible by arrangement.

Placement output: up to 12,000 components per hour

Your advantages through SMT production at miunske:

„With our new SMT production line, we will be able to offer customers even more flexibility and customization options in the future. “

Our machinery includes:

  • Placement machine: Essemtec (Fox)
  • Stencil printer: EKRA/ASYS (SERIO 4000)
  • Reflow soldering system: Rehm (VXC2450)
  • Handling modules from ASYS

In addition to THT and SMT assembly, miunske offers press-fit technology with customized components, especially for the production of high-performance components in compact designs. Therefore, you can expect even more robust and individually manufactured electronic components from miunske in the future.

miunske® has many years of experience in press-fit technology and processes its own Press-fit components such as:
  • Flat plug socket 6.3 & 9.5 mm
  • JPT connector 2 rows: 2x5, 2x9
  • JPT connector 3 rows A-coded: 3x2, 3x3, 3x4, 3x5, 3x6, 3x7 (black, brown, blue, yellow, grey, green, purple)
  • JPT contacts in silver-plated version possible
  • Relay socket micro & mini
MiniVal & UniVal fuse holder as well as obtained articles such as:
  • Power connections with internal thread: M5-M8
  • Power connections with external thread: M4-M10
  • Flat plug: 2.8 & 6.3 mm
Advantages of press-fit technology: