We are also happy to support you in protecting your assemblies from environmental influences – by coating and potting.

For higher requirements that cannot be met by coating, we offer potting of the PCB or complete assemblies. Whether for small quantities or larger batches – we can develop individual solutions that offer the optimum functionality for your application.

With the help of an I-Jet jetting system from EPSYS, we apply protective lacquers to printed circuit boards and assemblies with the utmost precision and accuracy. From individual conductor tracks, via’s or components to complete assemblies. Partial omissions, e.g. for sensitive components and areas, can also be realised without any problems. These are already planned and implemented in the layout creation phase. By coating with protective lacquers, electronic circuits can be protected from negative influences such as moisture, solvents, dust and other contaminants that can otherwise lead to impairments and malfunctions. In this way, leakage currents or even high-voltage flashovers can be avoided.

Your advantages - through miunske potting solutions with the electro potting resin system on a 2-component polyurethane basis :

Technical equipment:

  • Potting machine 2-K-DOS