In addition to THT and SMT assembly, miunske offers press-fit technology with customized components, especially for the production of high-performance components in compact designs. Therefore, you can expect even more robust and individually manufactured electronic components from miunske in the future.

own Press-fit components

miunske® has many years of experience in press-fit technology and processes its own Press-fit components such as:
  • Flat plug socket 6.3 & 9.5 mm
  • JPT connector 2 rows: 2x5, 2x9
  • JPT connector 3 rows A-coded: 3x2, 3x3, 3x4, 3x5, 3x6, 3x7 (black, brown, blue, yellow, grey, green, purple)
  • JPT contacts in silver-plated version possible
  • Relay socket micro & mini
  • MiniVal & UniVal fuse holder as well as obtained articles such as:
    • Power connections with internal thread: M5-M8
    • Power connections with external thread: M4-M10
    • Flat plug: 2.8 & 6.3 mm

we offer you the solution that suits you exactly

Regardless of whether you favor the production of your electronics solution in one assembly technology or using several technologies (mixed assembly) - we offer you the solution that suits you exactly.