This central electrics is a further development by miunske for the triangular windrow turner of the BACKHUS A series. Instead of two freely configurable central electrical modules, an electronic solution is now used in the work machines. In the first step, miunske demonstrated the feasibility of the project in a study. The available installation space was determined using CAD data and the new circuit board was then designed. A higher degree of integration is also associated with implementation in semiconductor components. The new central electrical system is equipped with additional intelligence, so that, for example, current monitoring of the outputs is just as possible as fuse failure monitoring.

On-board power supply 12V and 24V (9V-36V)

40x fuse holder MiniVal

24 x UniVal fuse holders

4 x fuse holders MaxiVal

2 x sockets for standard car relays

8 x sockets for micro relays

logic elements

Controller with 1 x CAN interface

15 inputs going to controller

15 controller controlled semiconductor outputs each 5A

Individual operating and control solutions via CAN bus from small to large series

miunske has in-house technologies for circuit board design and production in various technologies such as SMT, THT and press-fit technology (PFT)

H-bridge module

Universally applicable motor control with adjustable switch-off current monitoring. Read which applications this module is particularly suitable for.

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The CAN Multi-Sound Module offers impressive sound diversity. The CAN Multi-Sound Module offers impressive sound diversity. Signal tones, warning messages, voice messages and much more for improved interaction between man and machine and safety.

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