This compact energy distributor in a metal housing is a special solution developed in close cooperation for emergency vehicles from Ambulanz Mobile GmbH&Co.KG. It is the economical alternative to a standard product in small quantities, which nevertheless has to meet a special requirement profile. With a minimized size, the in-house development convinces with maximum robustness and technical details. Despite the small installation space and the bending radii to be observed, electronic components are integrated in addition to the required fuses and relays.

Operating voltage 12 V

Protection 2 x 200 A

cross-section max. 35 mmm²

6 outputs max. 40 A

10 outputs max. 150 A

2 power relays for battery management (auxiliary battery & emergency start)

4 optional slots with standard relay sockets

Special purpose vehicles with different equipment

  • Very compact design thanks to the use of stamped and bent parts
  • Optimization of the distances for connecting the power components
  • Cover of the junction box in the color design of the vehicle