For the control panel of IHC Fundex Equipment B.V. are 4 standard keyboards from miunske combined with each other. So a total of 36 application-specific functions can be implemented via the freely configurable switching/display fields. Because the machines around are in use around the world, control units that are as self-explanatory as possible are installed in the cockpit used, whose symbols are understood all over the world. Due to the CAN capability, the wiring effort in the vehicle can be reduced by almost 25%. The number of built-in buttons and switches can also be reduced, which in turn benefits operational safety.

External dimensions (WxHxD)

63 x 58 x 27 mm

90 x 58 x 27 mm

167 x 58 x 27 mm


80 g

90 g

110 g

Degree of protection (front)

IP 67

Digital switching inputs pulldown


CAN interfaces

1 x ISO11898

electrical system

12V and 24V (9V-36V)

Quiescent current draw at 12 V

≤ 2/4 mA

baud rates [kBit/s]

20; 33,3; 50; 83,3; 95,2; 100; 125; 250; 500; 800; 1000


CAN-USB interface, “Toolchain” parameterization software

Individual operating and control solutions via CAN bus from small to large series

Miunske provides the software for parameterizing the keyboards free of charge under Download – Miunske

H-bridge module

Universally applicable motor control with adjustable switch-off current monitoring. Read which applications this module is particularly suitable for.

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The CAN Multi-Sound Module offers impressive sound diversity. The CAN Multi-Sound Module offers impressive sound diversity. Signal tones, warning messages, voice messages and much more for improved interaction between man and machine and safety.

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