Clear signals and safety instructions in extreme environmental conditions

With the Multi-Sound Module (MSM), you can play back acoustic signals and even voice messages in the vehicle cabin. These are sent so clearly that they are very recognizable even in a noisy working environment with a multitude of different signals.
This unburdens the driver and increases safety for all involved. Eight signals can be selected from a library of 80 standard sounds ­and played in four volumes. In this way, the MSM supports compliance with legal regulations.

Another advantage: The MSM can be integrated into any vehicle in a highly flexible way, e.g. in the roof lining of the vehicle cabin. In this way, it can support, or even replace, optical signals. In both cases, the MSM ensures high safety in working environments with extreme environmental conditions (noise, poor visibility).
Optionally, the MSM can be supplied with a CAN interface according to ISO 11898. This enables parameterisation of up to 50 individual signals/voice messages as well as stepless volume control. If required, the range can also be increased by controlling an external loudspeaker.

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