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  • Artikelnummer: 5004829

    disassembling tool for CA-cigar lighter and power-socket

  • Artikelnummer: 5016561

    Extraction Tool for MTA F800 female terminal, MTA M800 male terminal, F431

  • Artikelnummer: 5016559

    Extraction Tool for Sicma 2.8mm, Sicma 1.5mm, MTA MINIF280, G184

  • Artikelnummer: 5016560

    Extraction Tool for UNI F630, F460

  • Artikelnummer: 5010871

    Extraction Tool, Ø1.2mm, R753

  • Artikelnummer: 5005546

    Extraction Tool, Ø1.5mm, R757

  • Artikelnummer: 5004015

    Extraction Tool, Ø2.0 mm, for DSUB contacts, R752

  • Artikelnummer: 5004017

    Extraction Tool, Ø2.9mm, R765

  • Artikelnummer: 5017607

    Extraction Tool, Delphi Weather-Pack, AMP 2.36 (.093), R786

  • Artikelnummer: 5016558

    Extraction Tool, for AMP E95 female terminal, MTA F480E female terminal, G240

  • Artikelnummer: 5004609

    Extraction Tool, for Harting contacts, R735

  • Artikelnummer: 5004014

    Extraction Tool, fürsecondary Locks Super Seal, H910

  • Artikelnummer: 5003997

    One-locking Extraction Tool, 1.9×1.0mm, F410

  • Artikelnummer: 5007784

    one-locking extraction tool, 3,0 x 1,0 mm, F430

  • Artikelnummer: 5003999

    One-locking Extraction Tool, 3.0×1.0mm


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Thus our customers will meet their challanges we develop solutions in the field of vehicle electronics. Our TECHTALK series introduce you in our range of products, our solutions for systems as well as our know-how and shows you the fields of applications, benefits and more. Please choose the fitting topic out of our series:

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It’s trade fair time again. On 12th-18th Novemer 2023 the worlds leading trade fair for agricultural machinery will take place in Hanover. We will be at place to inform you about our current productrange and to present you our latest developments. Lets get together and find solutions fpr your application!

Diode Combi­nations

miunske currently offers different electronic components in micro design- completely made by own production. This include especially diodes and diode combinations. Just the right one for your system? We give you an insight into the current range and your customizing options. Let´s get started.