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  • Artikelnummer: 5007469

    90° fitting with external fixed thread, NW17, PG16

  • Artikelnummer: 5009554

    90° fitting, NW17, M20, waterproof

  • Artikelnummer: 5008993

    90° fitting, NW17, PG16, waterproof

  • Artikelnummer: 5008994

    90° fitting, NW22, M25, waterproof

  • Artikelnummer: 5007726

    90° fitting, with external fixed thread, NW13, PG13, waterproof

  • Artikelnummer: 5007783

    90° fitting, with external fixed thread, NW36, M40, waterproof

  • Artikelnummer: 5007782

    90° fitting, with external fixed thread, NW36, PG36, waterproof

  • Artikelnummer: 5008675

    90° flanged elbow fitting, NW29, PG29, waterproof

  • Artikelnummer: 5006858

    cable grommet for corrugated tube NW10

  • Artikelnummer: 5007254

    cap nut for hose screw connection NW10

  • Artikelnummer: 5007176

    cap nut for hose screw connection NW13

  • Artikelnummer: 5007255

    cap nut for hose screw connection NW17

  • Artikelnummer: 5007160

    Cap Nut for reducing bushing, conduit size NC25/NW22 to NC20/NW17

  • Artikelnummer: 5007083

    conduit cap nut for fitting NW22

  • Artikelnummer: 5008846

    conduit clip, NW10, fixing hole Ø 4mm, synthetic material

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innovation rocks

How are future-orientated control solutions for commercial and special vehicles created? Take a look behind the scenes in our latest miunske TECH TALK and find out what tasks our hardware and software department, the project team and the prototype construction department take on during the realisation of your development project.

Trade fair success

The Agritechnica 2023 was a great experience for miunske. We had the opportunity to hold talks with interested visitors, customers, developers and well-known vehicle manufacturers. New insights and ideas have matured and will be taken into account in future developments. We are already processing concrete enquiries. Our aftermovie takes you back to the trade fair event of the year.

Diode Combi­nations

miunske currently offers different electronic components in micro design- completely made by own production. This include especially diodes and diode combinations. Just the right one for your system? We give you an insight into the current range and your customizing options. Let´s get started.